Form Smart Action allows re-registering WP-reserved post type "Post"

Hello. When I select “post” option from the “Post type” drop-down list and click on the “Register custom post type” checkbox in the “Post Type Options” section of the Form Smart Action, the Wordpress system post type is re-registered:

This action generates the following code in my theme’s functions.php file:

This leads to incorrect display of the custom post type in the admin panel:

Is this a bug or a feature?:slight_smile:

I’m not really a pro in WordPress, but I know that Register custom post type allows you to create custom post type for you. But if you already have created custom post types, then you shouldn’t enable that in there. So this is not a bug.

Yes, you are right.

However, the post type “Post” is already registered by Wordpres by default. The problem is that Pinegrow Theme Converter allows you to re-register a custom post with the name of an already registered post. This leads to errors in the admin panel (menu items are duplicated, the existing standard “Posts” section is renamed to the name given to the newly created custom post type). In the screenshot of the admin panel above, I depicted this.

I think the ability to register custom post types that match the standard post types is an additional opportunity to shoot in the foot for users of the program, especially for those who are just starting to study it.

@RobM and @Emmanuel, what do you think of this?

Interesting, it has been 3 months and not a peep. Not a good look for the support team.

Thanks for the feedback which had indeed escaped us and which we will look at more closely.

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