Rules disappearing when hiding classes

yep. they are all over this forum like a rash.
They don’t always reply but they will have seen this conversation.

and yes, I agree with you.
Thats why I was thinking of the blue highlight tabs on the pseudo class tabs.
then if they are implemented, you can see. and if its do do with what you’re after, you can click them to check .
if not, you can see you have them there, and they don’t clutter up the rest of the class rule interface.

The devs are really great here and there is always a lot of feedback and questions. and over on the slack channel now, where we we have just been beta testing this latest release.

I am a total fan boy for PineGrow, so spoiler alert there, but bits of it do confuse me. and this has been one of my bug bears for a long time. but I forget, give up, come back, to try again and…have forgotten even more. Gah! and it bites me on the bum again. but that is just me, I have reading/interface issues, I guess :slight_smile:

But I still Greatly recommend everything that is Pine Flavoured, and the more feedback they get the better it gets.

Providing its good feedback.

…but multi monitor support did take four years :smiley:he hee hee

So Welcome aboard @babmos, it really is nice here :slight_smile:
I even had helpful advice from @Marf earlier and had an error in my issue pointed out.
BUT…it was one that mysteriously appeared. (PineGrow changed Viewport size from XS to Lg at some point, without my input)

As long as we’re scrutinizing the UI, any rhyme or reason as to when these turn blue? I see that sometimes they will turn blue when I select objects on the page, but why which ones get selected I can’t suss. Nor can I figure out why they stay blue when nothing is selected, as in the image attached.

ah! me me ! yes, I KNOW this one I do! Please, ME ME! ASK ME>!

Hmmm… let me see… I see many hands up… hmmm… who shall I pick? WHO shall I pick…

:smiley: hee hee… yep! well see the cube shape is highlit at the top too that means that there

so…if its all collapsed up nicely like that you can see that the ONLY things you have implemented,
are in Background section
and the Columns section

Yes! look at me g
so if you click those , you SHOULD FIND … everything you have implemented for that element you are inspecting, so no need to click expand everything to look for settings

which is great fun…when it says …element is not selected.

Seems to me that when nothing is selected on the page or tree, nothing should be highlighted there. When I expand the blue panels, there is nothing selected or entered within them.

yeah interesting
Is it because your using a framework…?
and …something IS implemented but…dare I say it… hiddensharp intake of breathe

even though that is the styles tab, well the visual view…

Oh man this is great! I love getting to grips with Pinegrow.
now if only I could bust my muse Out… my muse… MY MUSE…for the aMUSEment of all…

update , like when it shows your class rules in styles, but then , underneath , greyed out, it says about the Not shown Bootstrap classes.

like this.

but… I have just created a new empty BS4 project there to see if something was hi lighted from scratch and

I will have to do some more investigating.

oh yes! and good music to do it too!

currently playing
quantic, Life in Rain

and you can click listen now

Highly recommended
Great brain food music for debug and creatives…like…er wannabe me :slight_smile:

its 4am and this is one fo the reasons why.
My Geekorium transformation and Pinegrow are the other reasons.

woo hoo, does it get any better?

oh yeah…now, about those hidden classes… Sigh

PS> I forgot to say that I too have often had the elusive blue in those Section Headers, - which is why I went off to find what it was about before.
BUT… I will say , with some certainty that I have ALSO had cases where they WEREN"T blue and the icons above (which should correspond to them) WEREN"T highlighted in white.

just saying. That was one of the other things, like the hidden classes that I couldn’t track down.
so, yeah < good catch @Printninja, I’d forgotten about that. Even though I think I had the opposite to you.
but… may have had something hidden or suchlike. more investigation here now too :slight_smile:

…did you pay extra for a custom Pro Feature?

ok its 20 past 4 am.
gonna try the bed thing. JUST Got the 2nd duvet on as getting pretty cold here now and I have no heating.
so, Hope im still around to catch you all tmrw :slight_smile: