How to see Bootstrap CSS Code of an element?

How do you see Bootstrap CSS Code of an element that is added to canvas? For example,

How do I see the code for class “container”?

Hi @codelearner if you select the container on the page or in the document tree


then click on the Styles tab you should see Style Attribute highlightsd in blue


Under Style attribute you will notice in grey text "Show 5 more rules from bootstrap.css


this is a clickable link that will display the 5 rules, you’ll have to expand each to see the properties

Hope this helps.

Hi Rob. that’s nice.
now, is there a way to NOT VIEW bootstrap classes AFTER doing this?
Because i’ve never found a way to hide their classes from this view list after enabling them

Close and reopen the page and the rules will be “hidden” again.

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It would be nice to have the option at the CSS panel to minimize/hide them directly.

Back into having this state again.


Yes, Ive often thought that, but no one else ever mentioned it.
So, I felt like a Noob going through all our docs going *where the hell is that most basic of commands>?" you know, show/hide,
we only had Show
Weird I thought, it MUST be there and I cant find it.

so great, I’m not alone :slight_smile: