Select layers SVG for animation Interactions


Used a multi layer SVG from freepik images:

Created a animation in Keyshape by animating the individual layers of the SVG. That way I could make the clouds move and the cartoon figure flying up with the mail in 5 minutes work.

Now I try the same with Interactions, but can’t seem to select the individual layers of the SVG for animation and color of the shapes. How do I get that done with Interactions?

I can show the paths, but they make no sense compare to Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Keyshape where you see the parents and children named and ordered like it should! In Pinegrow you get lost!



Solved the problem! There seem to be more possibilities to select the SVG the one when you click on the SVG and open de panel at the bottom is useless, but the tree gives a goed view on the layers!

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Hi @AllMediaLab,
Great to hear! I wasn’t sure what advice we could give. I guess I always look at them in the tree for selection and didn’t realize it looked different in the code.

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