Hello! SVG Shape Dividers and styles disappearing

I am trying to dive back into Pinegrow. I was optimistic yesterday after watching some tutorials and dove in.

Today I was frustrated because I wanted to add a SVG shape divider. So I went here https://www.shapedivider.app/ and made a shape to use. I then added it with an HTML instyle element - and could not get the bottom of the shape to change color. Then when I clicked out of the element and tried to go back at it again - it threw an error saying “Error dynamic element cannot be edited…” - I had to close out of the builder and try again - which then let me select it - but I still had no luck changing the color where I expected the color to change.

I gave up on that - and deleted that project - then built just a basic header, main, footer - with a H1 and span - and went to activate interactive elements and all my styling disappeared…

I’m an expert at breaking this thing it seems… Has anyone tried the shape dividers? Does anyone have a clue on why my styles disappeared when I hit activate interactions? I can go back through and re-style my page - but I am now scared to build anything too big…

Thank you!

Okay - what seems to have happened - when I activated interactions - it got rid of the variable colors I had saved?