Simple but complicated question

Hi there,

i was wondering how long does it take to develop a website as a theme. Let’s say ive done all the design, i have a clear picture of what will go here or there…Let’s assume that’s done, also, that i know quiet well enough html/css to be pretty quick to build the design…
I m thinking of restaurant websites, some local businesses or a classsic real estate agency, nothing super fancy…

A week…2, 3…months?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,
Not sure what the rest does but you can get a theme done in a week if it’s nothing fancy.
A restaurant website should take me a week to build.

However i always calculate 2 weeks for a theme from scratch due to my workflow.
First week i get the design and layout done and convert it to Wordpress and the last week i go over everything.

What i do in the last week is :

  • Go over everything and see if i can improve the code and optimize things.
  • Add animations and make the site a bit more fancy
  • If i use any plugins on the site i test them to make sure everything works.
  • Check page speed and optimize the site for speed with purging bootstrap to remove unused classes.
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Thank you, @beatngu for your really clear answer. I was hoping to receive this kind of feedback. By the way, I would love to see an example of this type of work from you, just to have a practical reference.

You mentioned Bootstrap, but my idea was to use Tailwind as I find it really helpful. However, I will mainly do my own CSS and will have to research how to install it, as I don’t want to use the CDN. It seems that Google doesn’t like it either, but that’s out of the topic. So, my last question is: do you think that diving deep into the tutorial from Pinegrow team (the one called Flex, as I remember) about creating a WordPress theme would be enough for a start, or is there more to learn? If so, do you have any suggestions?

You should be able to build a theme with the tutorials from the pinegrow youtube channel.
I would recommend getting your hands dirty and start straight away and learn along the road.
When it comes to tailwind i know pinegrow has an adddon so i guess you should get that one , i do not use tailwind myself so i can’t give any advice about it.

You can also checkout @PeakPerformanceDigital on youtube he also got some great tutorials!

:- )) Thanks for Your advice, you really encouraged me to start finally thinking seriously about pinegrow/wp

Wish You all the best, and btw…You didn’t linked Your works :- )