Html pages to be converted to a wp theme

I have a html template that i need to convert to WP
I can get half way there but am struggling, a lot…
Is there anybody here for hire to do this please
basically 6 template pages, 3 custom post types and 2 menu systems plus a contextual sidebar widget for posts that are relevant to the custom post ie services
for more info please reply with your contact info and i will email more specific details

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Hello Ian,
Are you still looking for a developer,
If yes then please reach me on
Skype: live:cameron_4004 | Ph:+1 3056004475
Mail: Cameron (at) cisinlabs (dot) com

Hi Cameron

I have completed the project outside of pinegrow and will be dropping pinegrow as a viable option going forward as it’s simply not up to scratch for anything other than VERY basic wordpress solutions.
If you have a greater knowledge of wordpress then its actually faster to work on it directly rather than use pinegrow.

I completed my project by educating myself and learning the fundamentals then how to address the core issues i had that were simply not understandable through Pinegrow. The basics are covered in tutorials, most are now out of date/sync with the application, but how to actually ‘develop’ something is nowhere to be found.

I write this so others can get an understanding of the issues and support with a miniscule user group.
The skills i have learnt are now valuable and i will not need to use pinegrow going forward as their are much better ways to approach the work.

I thank you for your interest and wish you all the best.

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@infuzed That’s your opinion, I don’t share it.
Pinegrow allows the creation of the simplest to the most complex themes while allowing to evolve your HTML templates.

Indeed, not everything can be integrated visually, but 80% to 90% of the needs are covered for the creation of complex themes. The rest can easily be integrated by adding code snippets or via plugins.

However, and this is a common misunderstanding, Pinegrow is not a page builder plugin and I grant you that a good understanding of the way WordPress works is still necessary. Having this knowledge BEFORE you start Pinegrow is probably a big advantage.

This is not exclusively related to the use of Pinegrow, but I think it is necessary for any serious developer who wants to fully use WordPress to build serious projects. (with Pinegrow, or not).

As a personal feedback, a few years ago I learned to make themes by hand, but definitely, adopting Pinegrow changed my workflow for the better and allowed me to easily experiment with tons of options that I would never have had the courage (and sometimes knowledge) to integrate by hand.


Ooops, liked ur post by mistake, was quickly skimming thru…

Totally agree with @Emmanuel, Pinegrow is a real productivity enhancer!

Haha, but you can still :heart: my answer to counterbalance your initial mistake :slight_smile:

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Still interesting, that no one got back her (with all the Devs here) for nearly 5 months, for a paid gig?
So, if developers are using PG to develop products for customers, and this was a customer, looking for a dev… what gives?

maybe there could be a more shop front style approach here to devs offering services, or a job board etc?

5 months for a reply?

Actually, this may not be the case here, but in general, the fact that no public response appears does not mean much. Very often, business contacts are made via private messages.

I had one other private approach who then said he was actually too busy, that was after a month however…

I also advertised for someone with pinegrow knowledge on Freelancer sites and got the usual elementor idiots… not a single one of the 200 approaches had any knowledge of pinegrow.

The fact remains, the pool is too small and therefore not a viable option if you need anything outside of a basic site.

Learning how to do it manually is actually not that difficult.

I agree that pinegrow has a lot of power and i got the basics up and running quickly but trying to develop nested content and if/else templates was just not possible. Once i started doing it manually it opened up and i was in charge not the software.

Again for newbies and basics its fast, outside of that… not for me in any professional gig.

Thanks, @infuzed , good feedback to ponder.
And well done on getting it done yourself and having a crack at it with PG too, and giving info the nesting/if/else hassles.

I never got far into the WP dev stuff myself with or without PG.

And was the difficulty that specific nesting, if/else stumbling block that was an issue or other things too, that you could accomplish easier by hand as you couldnt find a simple procedure/PG interface option/methodology to accomplish it within the app, or a lack of knowledge about the way to go about it within WP itself (which would be my problem) -and so wouldnt know where to look for that option within PG - if it was already there?

Im just asking as ive seen the Nesting loop sort of thing mentioned on and off over the time here, so was wondering if it is a bit of a stumbling block with or without PG as its a common WP action sort of thing.

Good feedback.

right, back to horse world now. I shall return in a bit to bust things again :slight_smile:

@infuzed I’ll paraphrase myself, anything is possible with Pinegrow and it is exceptionally maintainable.

Now, the fact that you don’t master a solution - whatever it is - doesn’t mean that it is limited. With a little moderation and/or humility, without denigrating or belittling, we can - perhaps - consider that you did not want to take the time to assimilate the (Pinegrow) concepts OR that finally, coding by hand suits you better.

Again, Pinegrow’s smart actions generate valid PHP code, real WordPress theme templates and when they are not enough, the openness of this solution allows you to integrate any code snippets of your choice offering - with more or less work - the possibility to create the simplest to the most complex themes.

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