Slide sizes in carousel

I’m still having an issue I hope someone in this community can help me resolve. On my website’s homepage, I have a carousel that displays several homepage screenshots of websites I’ve created. My issue is that slide 8 (which I just recently changed the image name) is not displying at the same size as its neighbors (on GoDaddy’s hosting site). The URL is Colud someone please take a moment and see if slide 8 displays at the same height and width as the next & previous slides do? It does display properly on my localhost site. (GoDaddy refuses to help with any custom coded sites.)

I want to make sure it’s not some stubborn caching issue with Godaddy and that I haven’t goofed up any of the coding.


I think you may have been looking at the site while GoDaddy and I were working on it. Please try it again and let me know what you think the issue is? I just checked a few minutes ago and slide 8 still shows up small before it resizes to fit.
Thanks for your time and effort, Emmanuel.

Same result today, even with a hard reload. The image is just not there.

That’s because I changed the name yesterday:

Your “rjrdesigns-logo.png” is just in your “Images” folder– it needs to be in your “Carousel” folder