Carousel resize

I have an problem with carousel with bootstrap 5 , when i add an image the carousel height seems to change like as it was increasing the padding bottom or margin idkw , even arrows change their location.
here´s the video in the link below

Hi @HerrscherOfReason,
Sorry to hear about the problem you are having. It is because Bootstrap doesn’t resize images added to the carousel. So, with different size images the container and controls are going to adapt and change size/position. From the website:

Carousels don’t automatically normalize slide dimensions. As such, you may need to use additional utilities or custom styles to appropriately size content.
Carousel · Bootstrap v5.0

Basically, I think the only way is to either give a set of fixed dimensions to your images or edit them to all be the same size. Maybe someone else in the group with more Bootstrap experience will have a better idea.

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