Small UX improvement - Dropdown -> Icons

Would it be possible to show items from this dropdown as icons on the top bar? I think they’re being used pretty often, and it would eliminate 1 click and wouldn’t add much clutter, because it’s only 3 items.
So just like these icons, but aligned to the right:

That too would undoubtedly be another of those little quality of life improvements but if implemented might I request the addition of a fourth icon, specifically the ability to open the WordPress Dashboard in a separate tab.

I also think a small tweak like this would go a long way to making the interface more usable and appealing to people who like a “Pretty UI”

@Dom You can already right-click on the WordPress dashboard menu item to open it in a new tab.

@adamslowe I know you can but if we’re going to the extent of adding three more icons to the top bar as a quality of life improvement to save repeated mouse clicks then one more icon to go to the WP Dasboard in a new tab directly via one mouse click makes perfect sense, to me at least.

Middle mouse click will open any link in a new tab :wink: