Snippets/component/library/plugins/resources mess... and its preview

First of all, hello! :wave:
I’m enjoying working with PG, which is a surprise for me.

As I’ve read in your two versions of docs (the old ones and new ones, even though there’s still missing documentation, which doesn’t help), what used to be known as components are now called HTML Snippets and “components” are Smart Components with a slightly different role.

So the docs are not great yet but investing more time trying you can figure out stuff. But I’m finding myself battling with a few inconsistencies. For instance, I started a Snippet library (or should I say Snippet Plugin?) which said “Snippets” and it was showing a handful of the snippets I’d created.
But when I go to “Manage libraries & plugins” it now says “Components”. :thinking:

But what annoys me more is the preview I get when hovering one of those Snippets / components. I have all the dependencies right there, and if I PG preview in the browser everything loads fine. But hovering looks like this:


Which makes it a bad experience but even worse, very soon I won’t be able to tell which is what.

Am I missing something?