[solved] User variables not working

I had to reinstall MacOS so have reloaded all my software including Pinegrow. My project is on a Google Drive which is fine. However, I am using User Variables for the theme path and URL but they’re not working.

I’ve set the variables as:


I then have my theme settings use them like this:

Theme Folder: ${sitestreet-local}
Site url: ${sitestreet-local-url}

If I put the proper path into the Theme Folder field it works perfectly.

It looks like Pinegrow, while storing the variables, isn’t actually making them available as if I replace the Theme Folder with the actual path and then go to export the theme, I get this message:

I’m on MacOS Ventura 13.3.1 and Pinegrow 7.4 (Intel).


Hmm, I’ve fixed it but am still slightly puzzled. I thought I’d try setting the variables without the $ and that solved it:


The instructions below the field says to include the $ and I’m sure I did previously although I can’t check as I had to reformat my laptop.

@sitestreet thanks for the report, I fixed the help text in Settings.

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help text still says to include $. What is the correct use of this? {my_var} oder ${my_var} ?

EDIT: seems to be ${my_var}

Sadly it’s not possible to use this vars for adding CSS files via Stylesheet manager (= feature request).

The (short) documentation about user variables is available here