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Some help please


Hello Developers of Blocks and the Pinegrow team. I am looking for a solution

  1. for the gallery no. 2 if the effect on mobile can be horizontal rather than vertical as i dont want my audience to drag down a lot.

  2. Header 1 on mobile appears with top down effect I am lookin with an effect where the menu draws from right to left.

Edit : I realized, this forum has the menu that i want to integrate i to my project but How ?

Thank you for making our works easier by putting your hardwork and efforts.


@AjitM have a look at this code it might be helpful in relation to the menu

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@AjitM. Not sure I am 100% getting you but you could change the bootstrap column for each gallery item by selcting it and changing it to xs-4 sm-4 or similar from the prop panel etc for mobile device?

For the menu effect, I created this plugin for easily adding hamburger menus and has a few different effects you can choose from, such as slide in left, right, up, down etc. Its not free however.

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Thank you @Rob taking a look at it… I have tried already but have to do a lot of changes in the existing code html css js. I request to block developers if they can add such effects with navbar on mobile one have freedom to draw from left, right, top or bottom.


Thank you for your reply @benhanna actually for the gallery if I change the cols targeting small screen it will show horizontally in one div but my requirement is keeping the cols size user should be able to drag from left and right to view the content like we have in Apple store and Google playstore. User can drag the apps left and right. Hope you understand my requirement. Also, regarding the nav bar on mobile i dont know if m really going to succeed. I cannot transact online as i dont have credit. I visited the link you provided in yoir post and the one which says left side drawer thats draws from right is the one m looking forward to. Thanks again for your help.