Some inconsistent root directory referencing behavior for images. (Mac, 10.14.6)

Enjoying working with PG, but I have noticed some inconsistent image referencing behavior. Often, no matter where I have a html file placed, even many folders deep, I’ll always code with a simple “/” to reference a folder on the home directory, such as: <img src="/images/ And that works fine, whether coding it manually or locating the image via the Properties pane. But occasionally, PG will simply not display the image(s) unless I code with the two dots: <img src="../images/ or <img src="../../../../images/ for many folders deep, example. If I just use the “/” and ignore PG not displaying images, it’s still fine and the images reference correctly online. But this means I have pages with inconsistent coding, for instance I can link to a page such as <a href="/archive/ but to reference an image in that same folder I must code <a href="../archive/ It just seems a bit odd, like a minor bug. Or am I missing something?

Also, about a half dozen, very random times, PG has inadvertently replaces image references such as <a href="/archive/ to a very long string of code, referencing the file on my computer’s hard drive instead, not the site’s html reference. PG does this periodically on Save. But because those images still display on the page, I won’t know until I upload the file, and all the image links are wrong/broken, I’ll have to update them all manually and re-upload the file again. Thankfully that’s a rare event, but it does happen. One time it happened to a long page with dozens of image references that I had to fix. I do always have the code window open and most often manually update the page content in code mode, because of the nature of the pages I am updating, it is more reliable to make changes in the code window.

Using PG 5.97 on a Mac, Mojave 10.14.6