Splitting a page into sections


I am a full stack .NET developer with 20+ years of experience, working mainly on web applications. While my job doesn’t require to be a web designer, I have been looking for tools to speed up the creation of web pages with popular CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc.). If the tool helps making more visually appealing pages, that is a big plus. This is how I have found Pinegrow. I am currently evaluating this editor and I am quite impressed by the extent of its features.

I have a question concerning my work. The web pages I work on are mainly made for ASP.NET MVC (Core) and Blazor, with the occasional job using the Angular or Aurelia frameworks. All these frameworks use a modular approach, usually using a main layout with tags to assemble sections of the page, such as a header, footer, navbar, etc.

So, my question is: is there a way to create a page in Pinegrow and split its sections into separate files? That would greatly simplify my workflow. An additional bonus would be the ability to save the files with the needed file extensions (.cshtml, .razor, etc.)

Of course, I could simply copy the html of each individual section, but if I had a web editor that did it for me I would have greater control of the page layout and would speed up the workflow a lot.

Hi @Marco, welcome to Pinegrow community!

Take a look at the Partials feature, I think it might do the trick by saving document sections into separate files:

Use Support → Settings → File types editable in PG and add .cshtml, .razor and others. This will let you open these files directly in the visual editor. Of course, the correct display depends on the browser being able to display such file.

Let me know how it goes.

Awesome! Thanks a lot, @matjaz . Looks like Pinegrow fits my workflow.

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