SSI include files


In the course of the free trial I thought I’d try editing an html page with an external CSS and SSI file. Discovered there is apparently no SSI file support.

This is very disappointing, as I was hoping to ditch my prior (very old) web editor. I have SSI header files and footer files on literally hundreds of html pages. They save me hours of work.

This is a dealbreaker for me. :frowning: I had been so looking forward to ditching the old editor.

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I too used SSI quite a lot on my previous sites.

The nearest reference I could find in Pinegrow was Partials

You can find reference to it here, on the old documentation.

particuarly this collective search result

and the first one being

where right at the end of that you see,

Its a bit convoluted, but is this any use to you?

N.B, I am afraid you will find no reference to partials in the current documentation.

Note: I’m sorry, but as we announced it at the time of the events, partials support was removed when version 4 was released.

Ah! so that’s why I struggled to find it later.
I forgot about this and have just been reminded!

Any suggestions on SSI and whether partials will make a return?

Live code view of SSI include files is essential to me, I have hundreds of HTML pages to manage. Even if I were to redesign and reimplement them, I would still need the live view of SSI files in the interim.

When giving Pinegrow a trial run I was even able to live without the built in site manager/ftp feature, as Filezilla does that well.

Price is not really the issue here either, I’m willing to pay a few hundred for one-time purchase of a whizbang editor with all the bells and whistles without having to buy a subscription / use cloud.

Going back to my old version of Dreamweaver. Extremely disappointed but grateful I still have my old alternative.

Have a nice day.