Partials missing from Pinegrow 3

I would like to use partials in Pinegrow 3.

I have PG 3.04 and it has partial support I’m new to PG and don’t know really how to use it. But it’s there! I can click on an area (a div or some container) and click on the action save as partial and if I save the whole page the partial is exported (you need to put in the whole path or PG tries to save the partial in the progamm folder guess this was not intended :wink:

hm I somehow expected if I then load a partial in PG the parent page is also loaded saddly this is not the case OR maybe I miss something. I dunno cause I’m new to PG.

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Thanks for the reply. I will check that out. I’m using OS X so will hunt for my partials in the Application folder.

Like I said you can always put the absolute path to your views folder and the partial goes to the right place
Have fun!

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Rich: Not sure what you’ve learned since you’ve posted, but I also need partials support. One of the websites I built recently (with PG 2) uses javascript calls to bring in headers, footers, etc. Partial support allowed me to see those elements that would otherwise be hidden. So yes, I need partials support too in v3. Haven’t upgraded yet, but will soon enough.

Hi Roland, Temi’s recommendation to type the absolute path of the directory where you would like to save the partial worked. Pine grow will save the partial after you click save. If you would like to display that partial in another page you will need to do that in code view. as pine grow displays this message when trying to insert.