Starting from plain html - margins and paddings

Hi there,

this is my post to my question via YouTube regarding the rectangle in the style panel where you can set margins and paddings. Here the screenshot:


If I start from plain html, I don’t see this rectangle. Since this is my first post I am not allowed to put another screenshot to show what it looks like on my screen.

Thanks for help.

Hi @Andrea1,
Not a lot to work from, but let’s give it a try.

  1. From the “Window” menu select Workspace → Default (3 column). This will just make sure none of the needed columns are hidden.
  2. Next, select the Tree Panel in the right-hand set of columns and highlight the page body.
  1. Select the Style panel from the same set of panels and if necessary open the Visual Editor up a bit by dragging the top of it.

    That should be it. You can move the panels around to fit your workstyle if you would like.

Thanks, I already did, and this is what I still see:

Could it be that the problem is that I somehow have inline style set?

Hi @Andrea1,
The Visual Editor should be further down in the same panel. Is it collapsed against the bottom? There should be a double arrow to the right side of the panel at the very bottom if it is.
Not sure when you can post again, but can you give a full size screenshot - the whole of the application - with the Style panel selected?

Au yeah, I found it! It was closed at the very bottom. Thanks very much!

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