Where has my CSS attributes panel gone?

In Pinegrow 3 next to the CSS selector there was a panel where i could visually set the attributes of each rule.
In Pinegrow 4 it is not there. I dont understand how I can set the properties other than by editing the code. How do I get this panel back?

How about trying this documentation link? Style – Paint with CSS

I know how to do it, but the Visual Editor is simply not there. Its was ok in the previous version. If there is a way to make it appear/disappear I dont know what it is.

The visual editor can be minimized. Perhaps that is what happened? Look at the bottom of the screen

I do not have this minimise button.

I normally use PG spread over two monitors.Turns out if I make it fit to one monitor, and maximise it, and select the default workspace then the visual editor title bar and min/maximise button comes back. Then I can restore my visual editor. Luckily it stays put when I go back to two monitors - because the title and button disappears again.
It would be great to have proper independant floating windows for multi-monitor use.

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