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Starting to Create your own Wordpress Theme WHILE UNDERSTANDING what your doing


All good!
His stuff is very in depth and some interface stuff might be a little dated, but, you really will be hard pressed to find ANYTHING else, that goes into that detail about just how to do the WHOLE thing, from setting up hosting, (which I assume you have nailed already) to adding and styling items in the shop , intalling woo commerce and settting it all up to sell.

With regards WooCommerce plugin, it used to be a bit buggy with regards setting up different postage areas and rates - but that is now fixed, so that bit may differ a little. from what I saw, it seemd much easier now.

I say buggy …because the idea was, if you bought their premium something or the other shipping addon £70 then you didnt have the bug… unless you could figure out a way around it.
I did :slight_smile:

This is probably more historical than constructive info …so feel free to ignore it.

WooCoomerce is a fantastic FREE shop plugin.


mmm Actually , looking at ST2 with woocommerce is nice! Giving me some ideas.
I might very well play around with that, once I get the Basics of Theme Design understood and how WP works.
But first…im supposed be arranging office furntiure delivieries here from a friend and finding a new home for the HUGE 4 seater sofa that I was gifted when I first moved in… that swamps the room.

THEN… i can get at my other monitor and test 5.1 beta out and…oh !
what? it’s released already and is no longer in Beta?


You told me earlier on Slack that I was LATE to the party, it looks like you missed the party! :innocent::balloon:
But you can still test it, and looking for undiscovered bugs, now it’s out of beta and released to the public. Have fun, and go nuts with those floating windows!

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I keep relying on experts here to remind me of just how smart I actually am, but I still have doubts.

If I was setting up a site for online sales today for myself, or a client, I’d instinctively turn to Shopify as “the Wordpress of eCommerce”. (PS. I own the trademark phrase and expect royalties from any users including Shopify or Magento.).

I wish.

But seriously, why fight the norm, and pull out our hair with our desire to support open source projects that can’t compete with what even little our clients hear about?

“My brother uses Wordpress and my sister uses Magento and they do it all for free on their own so why I am I paying you anything?”

If we can’t be on top of it all, how can we justify our altruism to clients?

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…And therein Lays your answer, for your dear "never gonna be, but soon to be self employed and regretting it* DIY Web Client…

Just say,
“Good Point! So Jog on Doris, I’m off, do it all yourself for free!
I’m off to find a different sort of client.”

…“oh and if you get stuck, here is a good resource to help you get started.”

Here you go!

…“Don’t say I didnt assist you in the very beginning of your fantastic new web career!”

And then see what they say to that :slight_smile: