Ok, Check this Ladies Work out! Its inspiring :)

Ok Peeps, Whist looking around for how to restore a file in Ampps, I came across this Woman’s work.

Its great!
I Really find it … Inspiring!
She was a chef, changed her mind in 2015 decided to do web stuff and
is now

DOING IT! and has been, rather well, for a few years already!! wow

here is one of her Themes :slight_smile:

and a lot of her stuff Is notes for helping beginners sort there sh*t /Mojo out!


Setting up a Mac for web Development

Complete front end development set up

And finally some WordPress goodies for you HardCore WP Vets out there! (before Gutenberg kills you)

You could check out her other stuff on GItHub

and finally her site for you to Peruse.

I am going to spend a little while tinkering with her stuff.
Its kind of the Goldilocks zone… not too bad…not too simple… just …right

I like her “about me” section on her own page. It’s clever. Her own page has a real rookie SEO mistake though - two H1 tags. That’s a big no-no!

The “eighties mode” is pretty creative (especially considering she wasn’t involved in computers in the 80s!)

All-in-all, I agree… pretty inspirational.

One thing I don’t understand is the appeal of Wordpress. I’ve never really done much with it, but it just seem like overkill for so many sites.

Overkill … same here, But I’m trying to decide whether to not even bother and go elsewhere as Hurricane Gutenberg blows through its waters… I’m wondering what it will leave behind…

and funnily enough… checked her SEO stuff out?

She seems to know all the off-page tricks, but her on-page game could use a bit of work. Still, she’s got better SEO skills than 90% of the “professional” sites I encounter. I’m not an SEO “expert” either, but I’ve figured out the secret sauce to getting my clients to rank #1 on Google searches in their hometowns, which is all they care about. In my experience, SEO is about 33% not making basic mistakes, 33% having good content, and 33% having good social media presence, backlinks, etc.

One of the most important things when it comes to SEO, is you have to know what you want to rank from from the moment you start building the website. So much of SEO is getting the crawler to “see” your page in a way that it satisfies the search queries people make. This is why I kinda shake my head at people who hire SEO companies to improve their ranking. Unless they’re going to go in and correct any mistakes in the design of the site itself (which few of these companies will do) there is a hard limit to how much they can help you.

oh thanks for the feedback!

And yes I got to check her advice out too and then get my finger out on my friends website seo.

Right, 2.30 am here going to try and get to sleep for a change :slight_smile:
ok nighty night :slight_smile:

Well, actually, what onsite stuff would you recommend would help in addition/overlooking omissions her site?
(will check in tomorrow :wink: )