Strange behavior after hiding / collapsing panels

I pressed “tab” for trying out the hiding / collapsing feature.

After that I’ve got an strange behavior, looks like this:

Then I wasn’t able to get back to a normal / regular UI arrangement.
I’ve tried using the menu items in “Workspace settings” but the only thing I’ve got was a nearly blank page:

Closing and re-opening the project doesn’t solved it.
Only after an explicit reload via press ENTER in the adress bar and re-opening the project, the UI was resetted (all panels open) and I can change it to the default layout.

And also I can’t get rid of the “edit animation” tab here. Dragging / moving like with the other tabs doesn’t work with that:
Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-18 um 10.48.43
Clicking the “x” always closes the whole panel.

I’m using WordPress 6.1.1 in Firefox 108

Hi @Jugibur thanks for reporting this.

If it happens again please check for any errors in the Dev Tools console and report them back.

Yes, Timeline editor is not draggable in the same way as other tabs. Not sure how the tab ended there in the panel. These two issues might be connected and I suspect some kind of error should be visible in the console.

Yes Matjaz, I will remember to look in the console next time :slight_smile:

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