Glitchy Behavior Pinegrow Pro and VSCode Live Sync Extension


I want to know if anybody there is using Pinegrow with VSCode Live Sync Extension.

I have been pulling my hair for over two weeks, losing parts of code, and doing wrong editing due to lack of sync between the two.

Every time I save in VSCode it pops up a message saying they got disconnected and ask for a port configuration different than port 40000. If I do the edits on the PG side the cursor can even jump somewhere else while you are typing causing you to type in random sections of the file.

I tried different port settings like 50000, re-starting the programs, re-installing them both, uninstalling all other VScode Extensions, and installing brand new versions of both applications on a brand new computer and the behavior doesn’t change.

I am working on a Windows environment, and the problem won’t show right away or constantly, but shows randomly after a while you start working with regular HTML and CSS files.

NO virus either here!

Support has been trying to help me but they haven’t been able to replicate the fault.

I am wondering if this is happening to somebody else or simply nobody is using VSCode Extension or setup???

I still can hardly believe that this problem is on my side or files.

Your Input will be appreciated!!!

So sorry for your troubles. I’m on a mac and finally have Live Server working pretty well. But it was problematic in the beginning, then one day all was well. My only issue is that it opens my main site html if I’m in css or js— unless I have the cursor in the html in VSC I’m working on.

Hello Kathleen,

Thanks for the reply,

Actually, I was very curious as a few minutes ago I was checking the feed of the community page, and my post is no longer viewable,
I don’t know if it is only from my end.

About the VSCode extension, I really think it has a glitch but I am working on the Windows platform, and it might be possible that they work differently depending on the operating system.

I am afraid, that not many people are using it, or probably they gave up and left it behind. For me, VSCode is a powerful code editor that pairs beautifully with Pinegrow, and I would love to see them working flawlessly, but probably that would be only in a perfect world. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will check later and be patient as they said they weren’t able to replicate the problem.

Thanks anyway.


I’m always having glitches. Eventually they magically disappear, for no reason that I can figure. Hopefully your live server’s will, too.

@arpagrow @kat

First of all, to prevent this discussion from digressing, it is necessary to distinguish between the general problems of web development with Pinegrow, which due to the completeness of its possibilities requires a good technical knowledge and a significant human investment (clearly, it is not a page builder), and the possible technical problems of the application.

For the latter, we always make it a point to fix the problems that are reported to the technical support, especially when their existence compromises the proper functioning of a much appreciated feature of Pinegrow.

Each technical problem reported, if not noticed by the support operator, is tested by 5 different people within the Pinegrow team who - as a reminder - use Pinegrow more than 8 hours a day to create documents, test features etc… In short, the application is permanently running on our macOS, Windows, and Linux computers.

Out of the number of Pinegrow licenses in circulation, when a problem is reported to us once by a single user, and we are unable to reproduce it, our first instinct is to suspect an external cause.

We try to ask the right questions because it is difficult for us to know precisely what happens on our customers’ computers, the precise sequence of actions that lead to the problem, the systematic reproducibility or not of the problem, the nature of the projects edited (simple HTML, a lot of JS etc…), the network parameters, the applications used simultaneously on the computer etc…etc…

In the present case, we are currently trying to reproduce the same issue but currently we can’t find any technical explanation from Pinegrow or from our extension.