Stylesheet load order

This isn’t Pinegrow-specific, but an interesting things to keep track of when putting your pages together. At the end of the project, if you run through your CSS through a post-processor to combine and minify all the styling, selector specificity can become really important. That is because you might be fooled into thinking that a selector is specific, even though it is specific ONLY if it is loaded after another equally-specific selector. This also can have impact on dynamic pages where elements with their own styling can be loaded in at different times, depending on user interaction. I guess this is why React inlines style.
Just something to think about.

Well, that’s why they’re called “Cascading” style sheets.

I guess my point here was that you have to be careful when minimizing/combining your stylesheets at the end of a project to maintain your cascade order. This type of processing is often done just prior to going live with a project after you have tested and have everything working fine, so it can be a surprise.