SUSY - create any kind of grids easily

Hi all,

While I was reading up on the different frameworks available out there, I came across SUSY. It sounded versatile and clean. Does anybody have an experience with it? Is it good?

Since this topic has been launched, I’m stalking it with the hope of somebody rushing in. Unfortunately it has been ignored yet and honestly spoken I can’t tell you much (or even less) to it.

But I’d like to add some notes anyway:


Yep - a framework. The difference to other framework is, that it is not built on “add classes to your container”, it’s more a “hook things beyond existing stuff via @extend”. Personally spoken, I’m not the biggest fan of the output. I simply dislike elements having widths of 22.258973214%. But that’s me - and there is nothing wrong with it (browser calculated)


At the day of writing, PG doesn’t support SASS natively. So you’d do hard trying it out without using a native TextEditor and a compiler.

The thing I’d be interested in:

In fact, I don’t see this audience using stuff like SUSY a lot. This is just because SUSY is solving the constructional side but doesn’t have extended prepared stuff regarding styles and js.

But whatever it is - and that’s the question:

Is there anybody out there, creating her website from scratch without using any canned solutions at all?



I am not a her but is JQuery a canned solution? I have not used frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation previously. Many shopping cart and sales pages I have written or setup are mostly flat html pages and are fixed products meaning they don’t change. I have a php backend admin that is used to quickly add, remove or show sold out on items. The front end though is mostly flat html pages in the end though.

I don’t know what SUSY is but wanted to reply to that particular line in your post Thomas.

UUPS - shame on me.

Is it “his (pronoun)” instead (cause of a pronoun female is included)? The lil language traps.

On a philosophical layer - probably yes.
But in reality absolutely no. jQuery is a JavaScript library enabling you, using JavaScript out of the box. Cause it has many predefined functions included.

The “canned” thing is, that you would use the “Slider solution” coming alongside with Bootstrap although you’d probably prefer another one (just as an example). Or your page has a width of 1170px just because it’s the default width coming alongside with your framework.

What I mean is, that all these things can be either a no-brainer (because a 3rd party author decided it this way) or could be even your own decision. And if you are the latter - you’d probably pick up the stuff up to your liking and not using the “canned” one.

And that’s what I’m after.




Well then Pinegrow is the right tool for you. :wink:

Thanks for the reply, Thomas.