Front-end tech in your journey

Hi all,

I’m on a learning spree and pinegrow is helping me a lot in my journey. I want to understand from fellow PG users on what front-end tech you guys use.

I have put together a simple mindmap (not exhaustive), css on the right & js on the left!

  • At my end, I was able to quickly come up to speed with bootstrap, and customizing/theming my the final output will give me a unique & consistent look-n-feel

  • Add sprinkles of interactions, custom styling, custom scripting as necessary (thanks to pinegrow for the ease)

  • But, eventually, I want to excel in CSS grid, Flexbox and custom css styling and move off from css frameworks

  • I have found the various blocks (bootstrap, UIKit) very helpful to learn components & design concepts, but I wouldn’t use them in my final product as it won’t give me a unique look-n-feel

  • I have been struggling with JS frameworks, any suggestions here?

Questions for pinegrow team:

  • will Pinegrow ever support out-of-the-box visual design/built of JS components (left side of the above mindmap)? Or is it going to be plug-in based?

  • any plans to support Framework7 or similar ones?

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