Tailwind local font with wrong path


I have had a time consuming issue with fonts. I have a Tailwind CSS project with both the .font-sans & .font-serif Tailwind font classes set in the design panel. I have two local fonts loaded. I had an issue with Tailwind classes not being added to tailwind.css in a js file so I went to Components and Updated resources (Tailwind 3.2.1) for my current project which corrected my missing Tailwind classes. The only issue is my local fonts now have the wrong path in tailwind.css so they are not loaded. I have tried just about everything I can think of but I can’t correct the path unless I do so manually which is quickly written over. The path is assets/css/bauhaus.css but the path must be …/assets/css/bauhaus.css. I attached a few screenshots for guidance. Setting those Tailwind font classes in the design panel has always been a bit unpredictable.
I am on a Mac Ventura 13.1 and running Pinegrow 7.1. I do hope someone has an idea of how to fix this. Thank you in advance.

I also encountered this problem. When working with Bootstrap and the design panel. The bug fix in PG 7.1 for the local web fonts introduced this new problem. Last week I already contacted PG Support about this. Haven’t gotten an answer yet. I hope it will be resolved soon.
A manual correction of the path, outside of PG, seems impossible, while on every new start of PG this path is set back to the wrong one. Very annoying.

Oh dear, at least I am not going mad. The silence in here was becoming deafening. It happened at the most inopportune time. I had a presentation of the website and the issue showed itself the day before. I do hope this is resolved as well. I have also noticed Tailwind query classes for example md:mx-auto consistency disappear on specific elements. But that is another issue. The next project I will use an external build process for Tailwind.

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@deirdre_nic @Erres

Sorry for the inconvenience, don’t worry, our silence doesn’t mean we won’t take it into account, @matjaz is on the case and we will do our best to offer you a solution quickly.

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Thank you @Emmanuel it makes all the difference that we know you are working on it :grinning:

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@deirdre_nic @Erres sorry about the issue. This was a classic case of fixing one bug and breaking other things.

I pushed the fix through our “live” script, so all you have to do is restart PG and resave the affected project.


Works! Thank you, Matjaz :sunglasses:


Ah class thanks a million you’re a gent @matjaz :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: