Text box different on mobile vs desktop

Hi everyone!
I just created my first site with Pinegrow and it is amazing! I’m just scratching the surface but not as complicated as I thought it would be so far.

I created my site https://siliconvalleyenglishonline.com/ from a Bootstrap 5 template and I somehow have a different text box, in the first section below the hero, in the mobile than in the desktop and can’t figure out how to change it. I tried everything that I could in the PG interface, then searched the index.html file and can only see the desktop version of the text (which is the one that I want), and not the mobile version.

I apologize if this is too lame of a question to be asking here, but any help would be much appreciated!


Hi @Svtech,
No question is too lame! Right now your site isn’t published it seems - I just get a coming soon. So, I can’t really offer too much advice. Any way you can make it live or give a link to your project files (zip and WeTransfer)? You can send to support@pinegrow.com or DM me.

Woww, it shows up on my computer and both phones. I’ll look into it now. Thanks!

I’m contacting my hosting provider to find out what the problem is. In the meantime, I set up the site in Github - I set it to public but an not sure if I have to do anything else to share it, but here is the link;


Pinegrow also gave me several syntax errors that I’m not sure how to address, but it seems to run fine anyway (while I figure out the syntax errors)

Hi @Svtech,
I’ll take a look at your Github project in just a little bit. Another on the Pinegrow team found that if you disable cache it loads. Is the text box you are talking about this one?

It doesn’t seem to change when I simulate mobile on my browser (Chrome). Do you only see the undesired change with an actual mobile?

this is what my hostinger rep said and I do have several syntax errors that I’m not yet sure how to troubleshoot;

"I can see the domain is pointing correctly to its hosting plan. Once opening Silicon Valley English Online - Index also working, however, the main page is not redirecting straight to it.

Are there any configuration pages that could be checked regarding this?

As a hosting company we have limited support on development-related issues, however, I have also noticed that I am not able to see the end of the a tag that started on the 37th line.

While this does not seem to be a huge issue as Silicon Valley English Online - Index is working well, however, perhaps it is worth checking whether the syntax is working well there?"

Ahhh, I figured out how to fix the syntax errors. I’m practicing on a coppied file - very slick!

Closeout summary;

  • I used the Pinegrow tools to resolve the syntax errors

  • my hosting account was hacked so I changed to a super-strong password and 2fa

  • my DNS is pointing to Cloudflare and I added DNSSEC

Thanks for your help, All is good!

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