[solved] Text wrapping problem with Bootstrap 5

Hi. I tried to upgrade to bootstrap 5 and it seems to have broken all the text wraps around images on all my pages. Is there any simple way to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

You can try going through this page about migrating from v4 to v5. The simplest solution is to revert to your previous working setup since Bootstrap versions are not backwards compatible.


To revert to previous setup, should I reinstall PineGrow 7.9, which I was using? Or is it enough to just deactivate Bootstrap 5 and reactivate Bootstrap 4? This morning, if I just check my project using Chrome, the wordwrapping seems intact except on one page. I’ll have to do some more experimenting. I assumed there would be a lot of advantages installing bootstrap 5, but maybe I was too ambitious?

No need to change Pinegrow versions. I just thought you could revert to a copy of the site before you changed Bootstrap. I don’t know if simply reactivating v4 would work or not.

Thanks for the tip. I seem to have worked around the problem now. Not sure what was going on, or if it will return. I’m def still a newbie!