Mmm can someone see what is up with this URL render in Pinegrow

Ok Im viewing this Url in Pinegrow FIVE. (did. say FIVE? oh yeah baby!)

but the rendering of the text is stuff, as you can see, but when clicking on the page view in PG I keep getting the cant edit body or such like pop up.

It’s a Wordpress site, and I suspect its something dum with a missing element tag or suchlike.
Any feedback on what is the issue.
the missing white background to the text see it?

I’m able to open from the URL and select objects on the page with no problems, but the render is all messed up (see attached)

yeah that’s what I get and cant view /drill down into the error via guitar

:joy: via guitar… or maybe I’m missing something! You crack me up dude I didn’t know PG had guitar feature… nearly 2am and a couple of drinks in… and I started to look for it! You have to stop sending me on wild goose chases :slight_smile:


tired/dyslexia/auto correct



Gui… oooh Guitars////… SQUIRRELS!!!

mmm , oh yeah, this is the kind of mind your currently interacting with
takes a while and I alternatively laughed my arse off and glared in disbelief…

There are a few errors with double ending/closing tags, when I view that page in Firefox Codeview. Those errors are showed in red. :see_no_evil::innocent:

Excellent! @Marf

Thanks, thought/assumed it would be along those lines.

mmm, maybe Pinegrow could do with an idiot mode

you know,
your page has errors and will not render correctly, Click here to see the errors, or click here to attempt override/fix the errors and render correctly

since , Pinegrow does a great job of picking up errors, but alas, is a pain if the site I am trying to look at is huge , contains some and so wont render.
which I guess, is also good as it draws up red flags.

And can you find the errors in Pinegrow code view as easily?

talking of which< I might just have to do this now :slight_smile:

Maybe follow the line numbers, are these not the same in Pinegrow…?? :thinking:
Good luck with hunting those down!

One of the most important Pinegrow feature is that it can open and save any standard HTML and CSS files.

That means:

  • Your work won’t be locked into a proprietary file format.
  • Just open and edit your existing projects.
  • You can use Pinegrow alongside other web development tools.

However, if the HTML is faulty, despite the power & quality of Pinegrow parsers and because we are more strict than any browser, sometimes, you will end up with bad display situations like this one.

Then, fixing the HTML (from or outside Pinegrow) is the right solution. But when dealing with external URLs, this is unfortunately not possible.

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Ok great! Thanks for the swift response @Emmanuel.
Ive come across this several times and struggled within PG to get to grips with it,
so this is fine, I shall now pop out and stare at it with a different tool.

Cheers, I LIKE the strictness of PG, I was just wondering if a REALLY? try and render this CRAP? button would be handy.

Probably not :slight_smile:
but maybe :smiley:

N.B, the number of times I mixed up the html tag with the doctype html tag and then PG renders NOTHING in the tree :slight_smile:

when starting off or copying code from codpen etc.
where html tag is omitted. that caught me out in the beginnings :slight_smile:

and cheers for checking @Marf mate.

I now need to clear some HDD space so I can play a little more freely.
I is full baby .

this is a Wordpress site… my friend has now sacked the web company from some of their work over some bits and pieces, and I (and PG ) are supposed to pick up the slack and the SEO.

yikes. Exciting

You can disable “HTML formatting” in Pinegrow (if needed), to get the linenumbers match with the screenshots from Firefox!

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Zexy Duck!

and some more damned characters since a comment needs 20 minimum…argh

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and out of curiosity @Emmanuel, is the behaviour of attempting to click elements below the nav bar as you would expect for this site? as in, I keep getting pop up warnings about the body, wherever I click, is this due to the bad code?

ok thanks if you have the time, I will check this out again later :slight_smile:

and well done on the Release of 5 and the fun we have had with the interesting feedback since :slight_smile:

I use this from time to time…

Thanks for that @Printninja I will have. play.
and @marf, cheers for that effort too. :slight_smile: I noticed around line 162 in your pics it shows the instragram line errors but I couldn’t see it - or most of the other nesting errors, but
in Pinegrow
line 162 error pulls up itle instead of title as an error, but it your image it shows the whole line in red, but with the tag, correctly formatted as title this confused me!

which one is write in debug mode?