Trying to follow the WooCommerce Tutorial

Hello. I have very limited knowledge of Wordpress development and WooCommerce. I’m trying to learn by following the tutorial course but am getting stuck at an early stage. I think I am missing something because I don’t see any product show up as per the cap in lesson 5. I’m also not familiar with where to find the files such as wc-template-hooks.php that is shown in the video. I have tried working from the beginning with the starter HTML as well as trying to look into the finished product - but neither is showing me what is being shown in the videos. Sorry this is so vague. My two main questions are:

  1. Is there a product list with images that I need to download from somewhere to get things working?
  2. Have I jumped in too deep? Is there more of a beginner WP / WooCommerce tutorial I can follow?

Thank You

Hello there and welcome aboard.

Don’t worry there are WC guru’s aplenty here, but I’m not one of them.

And which tutorials are you following?
is it from here,

and lesson 5 there?

if so, did you read this warning/guide right at the beginning?

So its mainly about creating a THEME for a shop…not a shop itself.
helpful huh? if you dont know your way around WP and WC.

If so, I just downloaded the Finished and html versions of the projects from Github and they dont contain any images - though there might be links to them online.
I shall have a look too, if no developer chimes in to point you in the right direction for those assets.

Which version of PG.
Which version of WP and which version of WC are you working with?
So that should help address some of the vagueness :slight_smile:

A wordpress is a can of worms if you dont know it. People will point your to its documentation

Which is huge and demoralising.
This …thing

SO maybe do some of the beginner WP stuff first and tutorials on how WP works with PG.

Also are you using PG WP or the PG plugin for wp, on a local or remote server? just asking for paths to files etc for your missing items etc.

And how familiar are you with the PG interface itself?
and its WP interface and stuff?

Just asking because in order to use it correctly you need to know about loops and such like and where/how to add WP actions to the site content in the correct place in the PG interface.
Hence I guess that is why you’re doing the tutorial :slight_smile:

But is it to learn PG
Learn WP
Learn WC

if its all at the same time, …yeah!

Thats a bit full on.

Also, for @matjaz
the link at the bottom of the Github project site for the HTML finished version

labelled *Shop Starter Course

shown here

links to the following missing Pinegrow documentation page

which suggests clicking on the following link to the documentation for Pinegrow V2.x site.

but…if you DO follow that link to the PG V2 docs… and V3 and 4… maybe 5?>…aargh!!!
You get this beauty!

So where have all the docs from docbeta gone?
that now means that the docs collation posts such as

are now…well…fudged.

That post, mentioning some docs issues is um, from 2018 btw… just saying.

SO, gone full circular, back to the versioned documentation debate :smiley:

Finally, entering woo commerce tutorial into our documentation site,
yields no relevant results.

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As someone who is also new to WordPress development, WooCommerce, and Pinegrow, I would definitely recommend a more basic tutorial to get started, and something that keeps Woo out of the mix for the time being. I learned a lot from the tutorial building a travel agency site Pine Adventures - Creating a WordPress Theme Without PHP Coding | Pinegrow Web Editor and the one using full-site editing Simple Full Site Editing with Minimal Theme and Blocks | Pinegrow Web Editor. I think they’re both good starting points.

I do have the WooCommerce tutorial on my to-do list, but it seems like a big commitment, so I wanted to try some of the shorter tutorials first.


Just returning to the original poster’s question about product lists for the WooCommerce tutorial (and for anyone else who attempts to follow that tutorial)…the demo products are buried within the WooCommerce plugin, but instructions for how to unearth them may be found here: Importing WooCommerce Sample Data - WooCommerce

Apparently the option to add these sample products appears as part of the WooCommerce setup wizard, but I must have missed it entirely. The link above shows how to add them if you didn’t do so during the setup.

Thank you for the detailed replies. I have basically signed up for everything - so have both the Wordpress Plugin and the Shop Builder for Woo Commerce. With Pinegrow I have not yet fully immersed myself. I can use the interface no problem and have followed several tutorials successfully. I have told Matjaz that Pinegrow has been very useful in my understanding of Bootstrap and Tailwind customizations. So I guess my issue is largely with Wordpress concepts. My plan was to follow along with tutorials until some of it eventually sinks in. Most tutorials have all the starting details but the WooCommerce one jumps a little ahead of me. I did see that warning that it’s not about setting up a shop but thought there would be supplemental instructions somewhere. Either way - I will follow advice and step back from WooCommerce for now and continue trying Wordpress custom themes and blocks.

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