Simply can't get tutorial to work

I have just purchased the WooCommerce addon and then attempted to follow the tutorial.
I am no expert but I have manged to build a couple of Wordpress themes which worked fine. However, I have attempted the Woo tutorial three time from scratch, to make sure I was not missing anything and the single-product page will not load. I use MAMP Pro and have a working Wordpress site set locally and have tried tried every combination of path and no show. Pinegrow places the WooCommerce single-product.php page in its own folder “woocommerce”, so I changed the settings to a generic woocommerce page which then places a page woocommerce.php into the root folder, this does not load even I change the path from wordpress:8890/index.php to wordpress:8890/woocommerce.php, so something is wrong. The only way I have managed to get it to load is to rename it index.php. The index page seems to be blocking the woo page from loading. Not sure if the tutoral is out of date or what, I am using Creating custom WooCommerce themes - Course | Pinegrow Web Editor
Thanks Jack

OK, worked it out, pretty obvious when I slept on it. Though the tutorial does not mention this as essential whilst developing the page, a sample product ie “cap” as used in the demo needs to be added to Woo before a page can be viewed.

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@atilla Thanks for your feedback Jack!