Tutorial - Discovering the Pinegrow Web Editor

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Thanks for the refresher. I appreciate having the tutorial as something I can read -not just watch. Please post more of these.

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Thank you for reading. We plan on a small series of tutorials that will cover each of the panels and controls in much more detail. Stay tuned!

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Very nice!

Add me onto the pile of folks who like the option to read, rather than watch. I thought the presentation was well laid out and explained. It gives the user a quick tour of the high points without bogging down into too much detail.

My one suggestion is this passage should be highlighted some how in the text, as it has tripped me up on more than one occasion.

This allows us to create custom styling rules and apply them to the selected elements. It will also display any currently applied style rules. This is an important point that can trip up new users of Pinegrow. If we have rules that are only displayed at specific page sizes then unless we have our Page View set to that size the rule will not be displayed.