Displaying Code, ASP.net

Hi everyone,

Ive had Pinegrow and any and all add ons since inception… However still struggling using pinegrow.

I have no problems using and editing with MS Expression Web, Dreamweaver, or even Firefox/Mozilla.

I was hoping to ask some questions for possibilites to a solution.

  1. Is there anyway to display ALL the code in a split window above or below the current view? For some reason whenever I click on an element it does not show the full source code like it does in Firefox, Dreamweaver, Expression web or visual studio. It seems so difficult for pinegrow to show this info in a useful meaningful way… I cant seem to find this and end up switching back and forth between these other programs to find the code I need to change… And yet still cant find it in pinegrow and cant edit as well.

If there was a way to get the raw code to display under the main view just like all the other editors it would be extremely helpful.

The other issue is editing existing php and or asp websites with pinegrow… It seems impossible. I cant seem to find a simple way to change a box size. I cant seem to even find the code to change the box sizes. Yet with visual studio, expression web, dreamweaver, firefox/mozilla. I dont have any problems finding this info.

I realize im the problem here… This is a user problem… But I have been through all the videos and manual which work for the existing test template but for any other website/pages seem complicated or impossible at best.

I purchased Pinegrow and the other addons in order to replace using Expression web, and adobeis nonsensical pay per hour dreamweaver…and shelling out 5k for visual studio for an even worse editor… I cant believe there doesnt seem to be an editor that I can click on a page element and then simply go to the code? Like I said… Im sure its me as a user… But isnt this the point to be user friendly?

If I could figure out a way for pinegrow to display same as other editors it would be helpful.

Any ideas or suggestions?

@Ratfink Is this what you’re looking for (top bar, middle section), it opens the code editor:


When this is open when you click on an element on the page it will bring you to it in the code editor. I hope this helps. Please let us know how you get on with it.

Hi @Ratfink,
In addition, there is another code panel that shows just the code of the selected element, rather than the entire page. In the newest version (6+) it is hidden by default. To turn it on you need to go to the Window menu and then under the Show/Hide panel section select the Element code panel at the bottom.

Then you can select an element on the page or the Tree and switch to this panel to see/edit the code.

I also like to work with Visual Studio Code alongside Pinegrow - it is free and there is a plugin to sync the two programs so that changes in one show up in the other automatically.