Tutorial - Using CodePen Pens with Pinegrow

Hi All,
This tutorial is now available from: https://pinegrow.com/tutorials/using-codepen-components-in-pinegrow-projects/

Feel free to make comment or ask any questions!


Thanks, Bob. This was SUPER helpful. Helps me “get” codepen. (PLUS learn how to use it in Pinegrow.) Appreciate your effort in creating this.

Long-winded version: Appreciate your explaining of details to make it easily understood by code-noobies like me. I usually stay in the shallow end of the code pool, hugging closely to the edge when I reach the places where my feet no longer touch bottom. Usually in shear terror, nose barely above water. I’ve noticed CodePen floating around out there in the deep end. Maybe now I can attempt to dog-paddle over and at least touch it for a second.


If it’s any comfort SilverT, I think any professional basically has the same fear as you do, it’s just normal if you’re working with code on a regular basis. It does stuff we also don’t understand fully yet, but we get really good at coping with it :slight_smile:

Keep paddling, small rivers, then oceans

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