Tutorials do differ from the app itself

I’m new to PG and tried to make my way through the tutorials. But I found them not applicable in many ways, since they seem to represent an older version of the app? For instance duplication: In the video there is a number in the toolbar at the top. You enter a number and press duplicate on the element and - whoosh – you have twelve items of the element. There is no such entry field in PG 7.9.
This is just an example, there a quite a few more, up to the amount where I find these videos rather confusing.
This is not an easy one since the app has quite a steep learning curve.

Are there any up-to-date tutorials around? Any other help?

Thanks and wishing you merry christmas!

Hi Evan. I agree, it can be frustrating. The online documentation and video tutorials are not always up-to-date, but the program is worth it in the end. I have some suggestions:

  1. Go to Documentation | Pinegrow Web Editor and read through the different sections with the program open. This way you’ll be familiar with the most recent changes and if you come across an older tutorial, you’ll already know how to navigate the interface.
  2. Go to the Pinegrow Youtube channel and check out the most recent videos so you are on top of the latest features.
  3. And finally, ask your questions in the Pinegrow forum as you are doing. If your question is specific and clear you will usually get useful assistance.
    I believe the Documentation > How To Guides has a section on deleting elements. Good luck with your journey!
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To duplicate using the whoosh effect, simply type the number you want on the keyboard (max.100). After that you just duplicate the selected item either by keyboard shortcut (CTRL+D) or by right-click on element > Duplicate by “x”.