Why are the tutorials so outdated?

I purchased the license for Pinegrow one year ago and I terminated the license because Pinegrow failed to provide tutorials for the version at that time. I was so disgusted and angered. I dumped Pinegrow.

Only yesterday i decided to give Pinegrow another try and installed version 6. I was not surprised nor impressed at all with version. You know why? The tutorial “Walkthrough” video is still 2018. How am i going to learn this software? Makes things worse, the available tutorials have no resemblance to the version at all.

I may have to give up again. What is the use of producing wonderful software which does not provide a way to learn it.

New tutorials (presenting the new features) will be available next week.


New documentation pages detailing the use of the Design Panel as well as the Floating panel, for Bootstrap 4/5 and Tailwind are available from the Pinegrow version 6 introduction article:


I went through the documentation and the help. I have to admit, although, there was no single tutorial that covered all aspects of pinegrow, the documentation and page tutorials helped me a lot.

The documentation is really great. I learnt all aspects within a day and was already using it to do my BS5 tutorial assignments using pinegrow.

I only have one nagging question. Example: I want to develop the SB Admin template which does not use BS4 directly but uses its own SB Admin CDN. I tried looking for help in the documentation but failed. How do i add css and jscript cdns to a project or page?

Hi @murugappan,
Glad the documentation/tutorials are helping out. We try to keep them up to date, but it is a struggle!

How you add the CDN to the page depends on how it is supplied to you. If you have a link that is surrounded by script tags, I recommend adding it by copying that link to the Library panel Code box and then dragging the element to the head or footer.

For CSS CDN you can also add the URL in through the “Manage stylesheets” item in the “File” menu. The last tab at the bottom let’s you add a URL. You can then attach it to your page.

You can also manually add them through either the built-in Code Editor, or using VSC or Atom and the plugins that sync Pinegrow to these code editors.

Hope this helps,