Unable to open file or the i support or to fit or components!

I have a general questions about Pinegrow Pro Web Editor-WP? Is it me or did something just happen to the file, i support ,components and fit area? You how you open up Pg like you normally do. and you could go to the file area in the upper left hand corner and click file and it would open!! mine wont open anymore nor do the iSupport, Fit, or even Components. version 2.93 -> 2.94 What is going on??? I also can’t even change from 1024 to the other sizes for the breaking points or Page

Maybe you should try to uninstal and reinstall

I did. I had to totally remove the whole file after the first installment,and the reinstall it again. Found out that it was a plugin a guy made from slack . He’s was working fine . Had a YouTube video of it and everything.

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