Unlimited Templates & No Interactions

I downloaded Pinegrow 6.3 right now to test it out creating / editing pages with TailWind CSS.
But I was surprised to see many ready-made templates available for use. This piqued my interest in the software for purchase.

I may not go for the monthly subscription - I would prefer a one-time payment.

Questions :

  1. Can I still get access to all the templates ? (Bootstrap 5.x and TailWind 3.x) and the templates to be available in the future ?

  2. Can I do away with interactions ? I understand the interactions insert a JavaScript file for animations etc. For now, I can do without it and include it as a subscription only when the need arises.

Hey @anjanesh,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you look at the subscription options you will see that both Tailwind CSS and Interactions are add-ons. The base Pinegrow does came with Bootstrap and all of the templates. The Tailwind CSS add-on comes with all of the Tailwind templates. You can access the existing templates (and any added during the 1 year period following purchase) forever, but won’t receive any new templates after your year of free updates.
I hope this answers your questions,

Thank You for your response. I’ve decided that I’ll go for a yearly subscription with the TailWind addon on the assumption that I’ll definitely get a ROI within a year’s time.