As my trial runs down, I need to decide which plan

I just looked at the pricing on Pinegrow Pro and saw that there is a Tailwind add-on, but no add-on for Bootstrap. Does that mean that full visual editing with the Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks are built into the basic software but not Tailwind? As I get more familiar with the software – and start getting some paying work – I’ll probably invest in some of the extensions, but for now, no. Also, it looks like the Interactions extension is included at a new $100 price. Well, maybe it’s worth it but is it possible to get the Pinegrow Pro without Interactions? Just curious.

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Hi @rayhood, Bootstrap is included in the base plan, so no need to get an add-on for that. Foundation as well, but is not actively supported anymore.

Interactions are included in all subscription plans.

You can get the one-time-payment license with 1 year of updates without Interactions, but the up front price is a bit higher.

Sorry for having so many options :slight_smile: But we try to give users the freedom of pick & choice whatever works the best for them.


Thanks for the info. I’ll be making my decision shortly.

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