Using Local Google Fonts on your WordPress website - Manually and with Yabe Webfont

I just uploaded a new video showing how to host Google fonts locally on a WordPress site using two different methods. First, I demonstrate how to do it manually using a custom WordPress theme. Then, I show off a new plugin called Yabe Webfont (thanks @suabahasa!), which greatly simplifies the process regardless of whether you are using a Page Builder or coding your theme by hand.

For anyone wondering, yes a good chunk of this video is from my course,
Build a Custom WordPress Theme with No Code using Pinegrow. This is a standalone topic that I thought the wider community could benefit from.


Another excellent video Adam.

One quick question. Do you know the difference between the free Yabe plugin and the pro version? It looks like there is no difference but it’s a way for people to support the development of it voluntarily.

According to @suabahasa, the developer:

There are no functionality differences (for now). The pro version has more integration.

I hope that by not limiting the functionality, users will enjoy the plugins and with the pleasure to upgrade to the Pro version.

I’m pretty sure the only real difference is that the pro version offers direct/automatic page builder integration and the free version does not.


Thank you Adam for another excellent video.

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In trying to diagnose some slow loading local fonts on a client site (you have to refresh the site after it initially loads sometimes to get the fonts to show), I noticed that the design panel is writing an absolute path to my fonts.css file into the theme.css rather than a relative path.

I’m getting:

Rather than:

I went through @adamslowe’s YouTube tutorail in the process of troubleshooting the loading issue and ran across this. Maybe I’m missing something in the prefrences in PG somewhere.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

**Also, a quick note. Changing this to a relative path up on the live site doesn’t seem to make a difference so I’m starting to think that the slow font loading it’s experiencing has something to do with the Azure cloud hosting and the caching the client has.

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@chipriggs we had a bug with using local urls for fonts a while back, but that was fixed. Are you seeing this issue with the latest version?

Hi @matjaz! Thanks for the reply, I really appreicate it.

Unforunately it’s the same behaivor with the latest version (7.72). Since this site is already live, and has been for the last 10 months, I’ve just been editing the import link in the theme.css file to a relative link after Pinegrow. It’s not the end of the world, but something I have to remember when I do any edits to the site via PG.


@chipriggs can you please send the project to so that we can investigate?

I just emailed a Dropbox link to the project. Thanks for taking a look.

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