Custom Fonts - Does enyone know how to use/upload custom fonts?

Hello, I am new to Pinegrow! great porduct. Does enyone know how to use/upload custom fonts?
Thanks all!

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You will need to use @font-face:

Fantastic! I solved my need. I am new to css and html so many things i have forget from my basic studies on css and html. Thank you very much.

This may also help… example

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If I manually add my own fonts using the @font-face method, will I be able to select the added fonts from the visual editor font drop-down menu?

If they are in your CSS style sheet and the sheet is active/attached to a page, yes, I believe they will be available in the Visual Editor drop down.

It would be great if the folks at Pinegrow would put up a video showing how to add external fonts to a project.

This is a must-have feature for me living in the EU/Germany after GDPR. German sites are already getting letters from lawyers with big fat bills, so we have to basically remove all references to Google Fonts from our customers sites, and host the files locally. This is a real pain, but we have to live with it.

I’m not plugging any other product, but “Blocs” let’s you add external fonts super easy:

I like the UI and functions of Pinegrow better, though, so I would like to keep working in Pinegrow!

This site might be of some help.

Loading external fonts is really pretty simple if your do it directly through the code, but I can see how it might be a nice feature if Pinegrow had the ability to scan a local folder and automatically incorporate web fonts into the site’s architecture. I mean, it kind of does in the sense that you can have your fonts folder in your project folder, but you still have manually reference the fonts in the CSS and HTML.

This thread is/was very helpful. I have a couple of responses and a question.

  1. The link listed above seems to no longer work (it 404s). Darn. (Searches turned up the same link elsewhere on the web, but same result.)

  2. Using some of the other links and info above led me (eventually) to find a really helpful font resource for anyone wishing to host their own fonts. It makes it easy to use Google Fonts, but lets you load them on your own site rather than linking through Google. Here’s link:

Site by Mario Ranftl I think it’s a GitHub project. Free, of course. And its AWESOME!

It lets you pick from any of the 972 Google Fonts, where you then:

Pick your Character Set,
Choose what Weights/Styles you want,
Decide on your level of support (Modern Browsers vs. Old AND Modern Browsers),
Then it makes the code for you (so you can copy/paste it into your CSS), and finally it
Puts the fonts you chose into a bundle to download straight to your hard drive. Done.

Just click, click, click, easy as pie.

  1. Which leads to my questions:

Is anyone else out there hosting their own fonts?

Why self host? I know that Google Fonts makes things real easy and all, but I’m trying to do stuff without Google. Two reasons. One is Philosophical/Privacy/(Paranoia?) concerns. (Just why does Google make this wonderful service available for free? What are they doing with all that click/data?) It’s a matter of trust, or perhaps mistrust on my part. Call me skeptical. And the other is a preference to keep control over my content, keep it more local. So I want my own fonts on my own machine. (What if Google shuts it off someday?) Same reason I don’t do Adobe anymore - I like my software to be MINE, safely stored on my own computer. (So I switched to Affinity products. And Pinegrow.) Anyway…

And the other reason for self-hosting fonts would be for those folks whose governments don’t allow use of Google (dictators and/or communists and/or lawyers as mentioned by the GDPR dweller higher in this thread).

Are there any downsides to doing this? Any reason to AVOID self-hosted fonts?

I’m assuming the time to load fonts from my Host’s servers would be about the same amount of time it would take to load the fonts from Google. Wouldn’t it? So that’s a wash. … Isn’t it?

Any other reasons?

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Hi Chuck @SilverT

none from my side. Very nice read - well done. It reminded me, changing my plug-in and template to “self-host” as well. While I haven’t had a GDPR problem yet, it’s really hard to tell if they will occur or not one day.

This web-font helper by Mario is something PG should consider as “inbuilt” as well. Or is it already and I simply missed it?



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Google Fonts | Google Developers

All fonts are released under open source licenses. You can use them in any non-commercial or commercial project. With so many unique fonts to use, you’re bound to find something you like!

Self-hosted is the way to go, imo.