Using React with Pinegrow?

Is it possible to use REACT in conjunction with PINEGROW?
I want to be able to design (and make regular design changes) in pinegrow so wondering if anyone knows a workflow that will allow me to work with my devloper (Nodejs and react).

Thanks you

Hi @excede,
The answer is, sort of… Pinegrow won’t choke on easy JSX. So if you have something like <h1>My name is {}</h1> It will display it, without variable substitution, of course. But if you bring in a file with an onClick that uses ES6 arrow functions, the code will get mangled. Pinegrow also doesn’t do well with small snippets of HTML like you would have in a component. So, it depends on the project whether Pinegrow is useful. If you have a large amount of almost straight HTML, then yes, a lot of little components, then no.

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