Vertically aligned navbar items?


is it possible to create a navigation bar where all items (even images) are vertically aligned (centered), even if some links use a linebreak? Additionally, the font must be really small (see the attached picture)…

I’m thinking of something like this:


Of course it’s possible, but from design perspective I would make the links smaller:
An example instead of “KRISEN UND NOTFALLSITUATIONEN” use *NOTHILFE" and when you place an icon up front (like you do) the text it makes it even more clear. I always look for synonyms to make links as short as possible! And use sub links that collapse like for example Images > search >
download or Nothilfe> Krisen > Notfall I’m not good at German, but you understand the idea I hope!



Thanks AllMediaLab,

For my current project I have to live with long link names, they are mostly company names which have no short version. Any hints / sample code how to accomplish what you can see in the picture (vertical alignment + very small font size)?

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