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FONT problems - not necessarily related to PG

Hi guys,

am about finalising a project which is in fact one of the first pure PG one I did.

All the prior projects were often a half/half thing.
It’s a re-design from this page (which I archived for you) made with FreewayPro about ten years ago (or so).

So perhaps time to show - and - asking you for doing me a favour:

I know - it’s bloody german, but the Headings of this particular Site is looking somehow weird.

Not for the life of me I’m able to see what I did wrong. I thank you in advance for any pointer.



Oh and yes: The work in PG was so cool and somehow easy. I’m happy being part of this community.

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In what way @Thomas?
How do they look weird to you?
Nice improvement over the last site as well, well done.

Although, I’m not quite sure of the logic of the upper navigation and the Sitemap link, which then highlights the Kontact upper menu item, and shows both that and the sitemap, when you click the Sitemap upper menu link.

Maybe drop the Sitemap link in upper menu,
bin the sitemap section itself
and incorporate the sitemap content into the upper menu, maybe with a shallow drop down.

unless its to client spec in which case, Ill be quiet :smiley:

It’s just that I know myself and some others quite often find different/menus for nav, occasionally confusing as menus seem the same, but then some options are in one, but not the other.

Apart from that and the bloody German Nice :smiley:
Nice use of space and uncluttered.

Hi Ian,

That’s what I see in Safari and Chrome (Mac) - which perhaps illustrates the matter a bit more precise:


It simply doesn’t fit correctly - more/less gaps.

The rest regarding the navigation/sitemap stuff:

Agreed - the highlighting might be a kind of downside - I have to think about.

But briefly said:

The main nav keeps you on page - focusing what matters on each particular page!
The sitemap however allows you tracking the site.
It’s a concept, I developed (perhaps) on my own. Reason is, that a top-nav carrying you “everywhere” makes content on this particular page less important - especially on the index.

It’s somehow: “Let’s see what we have - and decide if this content fits to my needs. Detailed infos coming by the Call-to-action.”

Well - client does not have any. I’m the designer and I decide what’s best. Sounds harsh, is harsh - but it’s simply the truth - and the real way doing web-design.

But as said: This highlight-thing is to review. Problem is, that this particular section can’t be reached by scrolling - no matter which div I’m targeting. And I can’t prolong the page just for the highlight in page-menu. I have to think about.



Oh yeah @schpengle: Glad you like it - really appreciated

Hi Thomas,
nice redesign job, well done!

Thanks for clarifying, your screenshot helped me to have a look at your issue. This is probably related to the font (Archivo Narrow) or font-file itself. Everything looks fine in a quick test, when you set the font-family to ‘Helvetica’ for example.
Hope this helps you to investigate further.

Yes, it is indeed an issue with the font itself. (have a look at the screenshot)
So maybe the font ‘Roboto Condensed’ or something similar is a good alternative for you.

P.s. I’ve noticed one small issue on my mobile: The navigation popup doesn’t close, after choosing a page link in the menu.

Hi @m-artin,

thanks to you as well for having a look into this (and thanks as well you like it).

Oh yeaaahhh. Forgot about it as well - fixed meanwhile by one line of JS. Great pointer - invaluable.

In fact, this is my standard and can’t recall correctly what made me use “Archivo”. It came pretty sure from a first draft (or even an inspiring site). Kept and forgot. I probably smuggle Roboto in - but let it keep between the two of us :slight_smile:



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