Visual editor not playing nice with VSC after update

v5.972 Pro, Win 7, dual monitors

I’m used to being able to use the visual editor to finetune padding / margins, etc by hitting the up/dn arrow once the cursor is inside the text field.

i could even watch the numbers change over in the VSC window as everything was in sync

Since the 5.97update it seems the visual editor does not like it when VSC is connected.

hitting the up arrow will only register the first press [ 1px ] and then it careens off skipping around in the page structure and losing focus on the element i was editing.

It also seem to refresh a lot, and in doing so it will collapse CSS rules i was working on, thus forcing me to re-open them whenever i change a number or a value. This was especially noticeable in media query rules.

i don’t recall having any of these problems with v5.96 and i may (again) fall back to that version for stability sake.

EDIT: one other quirk, is that i find myself needing to click on the </> button in the upper right corner of the tree panel since it keeps reverting over ot the DOM view with just the bare bones elements, no class names or anythigng… just weird.

EDIT: oh, and one more thing :/… i like to keep the tree panel open on another monitor, but every time is minimize the PG app, it won’t come back unless i refresh my workspace or cycle it from full screen to window and back to fullscreen on the main monitor.


playing with the settings in VSC related to “save”, i found that i can mostly avoid the visual editor refresh problem.

seems anything turned on from the VSC that does some action on save (like spell check, or format) is getting triggered by the connection to PG… it must see the sync operation as an attempt to “save” the VSC file and thus do all this other stuff.

I leave the auto save feature of VSC on and set to “onFocusChange” so that when i move my mouse back to PG it generates a sync going in that direction, which seems to work as it should.

the CSS selector that i’m working in will still collapse every time a make a change to one of the rules, tho and it does seem to be limited to only the nested selectors under a @media query

and the window on another screen still won’t come back after a minimize unless i cycle the full screen icon for the window.