Remember collapsed and hidden elements

in the settings there is this check box and i have it checked, but PG routinely expands areas i have deliberately closed.

workflow is something along the lines of:

close down large sections of the tree like <header> and <footer> so i can work, and then add a class to an existing element or, bring a new element into the tree… and it all re-expands all over again. rinse repeat.

is there some trick to this that i’m missing?

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Are you running the latest version?

yes, just down loaded it… i’m not sure if noticed it was working or not working before, but i remember seeing it mentioned in one of the latest release notes.

on using the win version on win 7

does it work as advertised for you?

I had this same issue some months back but it was resolved with one of the PG updates.
I just check now and is stie working fine. I am on windows 10.

UPDATE: after much testing, i’ve determined there is no possible path to making this feature work with VSC.

PG only saves the data-pg-collapsed string when PG is the editor making the save, and PG strips it back off when it loads the file into PG.

Everytime the file is changed when both editors are connected, each one takes turns stomping on your code until it drives you freaking insane.

this really is infuriating.

i’m uninstalling 5.972 and going back to 5.96… at least then i didn’t want to put my computer thru a window.

UPDATE: taking back a modicum of my frustration. however, i have reverted back to 5.96 and the Visual Editor does not display the behavior on nested CSS rules (under @media query’s) that i’ve observed under 5.972, so i’m going to stick here for another version release.

the data-pg-collapsed string installed at write and removed on read by PG effectively means only PG can edit the code and completely undermines the PG philosophy of supporting external editors rather than develop their own (a philosophy i agree with).

so in the spirit of constructive criticism, i suggest PG allow the user to decide if they want to have that text permanently tattooed onto their code or have it stripped off. That way those who want to use an external editor won’t be thwarted by PG… or want to put their computer thru a window.