Starting this new adventure!

Hi guys,

it’s me again, this time on the Vue side of Pinegrow :- ) As I saw that Astro is included in the Meta Frameworks, i jumed immediatly on Vuedesigner to test it out. So far so good, i’m following @TechAkayy 's tutorial on youtube “pizzeria Static Html into Vue Islands”. Just wanted to point out that

This is great in Pinegrow, bring it also to Vuedesigner

The scroll track of this new panel is gone wrong i think

I know, just decorative stuff from my mouth, but just giving an initial feedback.

Thanks for the great work! Btw, funny that i was long thinking why you guys don’t cover the SSG world as it was becoming so popular and boom, since two years you were working on it :partying_face:

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Errata Corrige

The center view is actualy present in Vuedesigner, for some reason i couldn’t see it before :face_with_monocle:

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Welcome to Vue Designer @tytusie :-).

Good pick on the navbar. I have already fixed it and should be included in the next update, which will be out in a day or two.

The Pizzeria course is, in fact a very simple one, and I designed it specifically for existing Pinegrow & new Vue.js users.

I’m happy to see you going through it. Please share your feedback on Vue Designer and the course, which will be very invaluable on future content I prepare. Have fun!

If you use discord, join us there - Vue Designer

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