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Hello, I have been using Adobe Muse and have now transferred to Pinegrow. I need to know if there is any way of implementing a gallery in my website without having to add each picture to the code. I am using a bootstrap template and the website I am working on can be found at The charity would like to add several large themed galleries to their website but it looks like a lot of work! Any ideas would be appreciated.

Galleries generally are a lot of work, unless you use a third-party program that can create the thumbnails and export all the code and images in folders. If you know your way around a code editor like Atom, and are clever with your file names, you can create one gallery the hard way (typing out all the numbers) and then use the find/replace feature to create subsequent galleries from the first one.

In other words, your first gallery you would code by hand giving the images names like car001.jpg, car002.jpg, car003.jpg, and then you can do a find/replace with car*.jpg > boat*.jpg, something like that. Then you can easily create multiple galleries after you do the first one. The thumbnails might be car-tb001. If you look at the code on this site that I built, you can see what I mean…

Another way would be to buy a program like Wow Slider, which I used to create the galleries on this site. This is a more “drag-n-drop” solution, but it displays the pics different.

There are tons of free image gallery programs out there. You can also use the Tree in Pinegrow to copy and paste Bootstrap gallery elements, and then double click to change the images.

Another solution would be to use the gallery in a program like Mobirise, export the site, and than grab the appropriate code.

Thank you for replying to my post.
I will check out the options that you have outlined for my next project.
I have got most of the photos on the website now - after a few cups of coffee - and used the numbering system that you suggested.
Thank you very much.

Hi Jim,

Check out for some code examples that you may be able to use.

Search “gallery”.


Looks like a good resource - thank you.

Hello, I have decided to use Flickr for making user curated galleries. It is possible to embed Flickr and make it responsive by using 100% width for the gallery. This should save a lot of work in future! Jamie

Maybe this can help you

You might also like / try this for Flickr Albums:

They both support Flickr.

Thanks - great looking galleries!

Just my two cents, but I would never use a third-party website to host images for a client’s website.

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