Recommendations for Photo Gallery, Email Contact Form

Hello, I love Pinegrow, and I’m just a beginner trying to migrate from Expression Web 4. I’m also using Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

I could really use some recommendations for a good photo gallery software, like the jquery ones we used to see all over the place. Something that is easy to use and that has been updated recently. I certainly like “free”, but I don’t mind paying. The same goes for a good email contact form. All I need is something very simple that can work with and without Bootstrap. Right now, I’m using Coffeecup’s product and it is ok.

Thanks very much for any feedback.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to All!


I like using jAlbum for photo galleries, but it doesn’t directly integrate with Pinegrow. It is a stand-alone program that creates its own code/html etc., and you upload your galleries from within it using its built-in upload manager. I use the standard version as the free version is somewhat limited. jAlbum - Free Photo Gallery Website Software (

I agree. JAlbum is great! You can now download a free version to see if you like it.

I’ve been using NanoGallery2 which is quite nice…